quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2015

Frosh: First Blush - Monica B. Wagner

I was given this ARC in exchange of a honest review.

So, we have Daniella (Ellie), Devon, Grant and Charlie. The story is told in their POV. It takes a little to long to begin.

It starts with Ellie,who is a freshman at Hillson U. She wants to be a reporter at the college news paper and she mets her R.A. and her probably boss if she can land the job at the newspaper. As a test to get the job there she is assigned to interview the new star QB Grant Landry. They instantly connect, but she´s afraid of put her position at newspaper in risk.

And, then, we have Devon, she´s also a freshman but already knows a lot about whats going on at the U. She´s the fifth Connors generation at Hillson U. She´s trying to recover her family prestige back and is obsessed with Grant. She wants Them to be a star couple with the media bless, she thinks this way everyone will forget her family sins.

Grant is a jock, right. But he´s also smart and sweet. As his relationship with Ellie seems to went wrong, he try to engage one with Devon, but he knows nothing will happen between them.

Charlie is a geek, a chem geek. God knows I love geeks, and Charlie has nothing not to like. He´s just perfect, and he is too much of a nice guy to that manipulative Devon.

You know, the initial plot made me remember a poem from a Brazilian Author named Carlos Drummond de Andrade.

Square Dance

João loved Teresa who loved Raimundo 
who loved Maria who loved Joaquim 
who loved Lili 
who loved nobody...

In this case Devon woul be the one who loved nobody.
It took me a long time to see things her way, she's too manipulative, conniving and thinks very highly of herself.

As the story starts to develop, it grabs your attention with its twists and throws you to the curb. It have so many sub-plots, but they all connected perfectly. It reminds me a lot of Midsummer night´s dream by Shakespeare.

I enjoyed very much. It made laugh, made me angry, feel sorry and it surprised me.

Unfortunately it finishes with a cliffhanger, wich it annoys the hell out of me. But I can certainly say, that I will read the next one, and also another books by the author