quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2015

Unforgettable - Cherie M. Hudson

In the first book in the always series we are presented to Brendon, also known as The Biceps. He is a really sweet guy who was friendzoned by Macy. 
In this second instalment, his ex, Amanda, the one who got away, send him a message. That she needs him, and as the sweet and caring guy that he is, he lets everything behind and jump on a plane, to go to her. The bitch who 2 days after his love declaration told him they should break up. Thats how sweet he is.
When he gets there, he discover that she had his baby, 18 months ago. A little boy with a blond mohawk and his blue eyes and love for life. But his baby has cancer, a rare cancer. And he needs a bone marrow match for transplant. His name is Tanner, and he is as sweet as his "Oppimus Da".
While Brendon and Amanda(omg, I hate Amanda) fight to find a match donor to Tanner. Brendon fights to accept and understand why Amanda hided his son from him.( she shouldn´t)