terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2015

Drowning to breathe - A.L. Jackson


                                                                                              ** spoiler alert **

 What a beautiful and heartbreaking story. It surprised me a lot. Everything was connected. All the problems Shea and Baz had was connected. His friend died to save Shea. Baz is a sweet and caring man, he loves Shea and Kallie fiercely, in his mind he´s Kallie´s daddy. In the end, his brother Austin wants to leave and says:

" I´m not leaving you Baz. It´s just time I found Myself. Told you before, the way Shea looks at youw Someday...someday I want someone to look at me the same way. And when she does, I want to be storng. Someone who can stand up for her the way you stand up for Shea. And I´m not that guy Baz. Not yet. I´m nothing but a broking little kid living inside this body, trying to pretend I´m a man."

It broke my heart. And now I´m anxiously waiting for his book.