terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2015

Unconditional - Cherie M. Hudson

This book is hilarious and is also heartbreaking. Maci is a american college student going to Australia to work on her thesis. 

She´s 22 and was diagnosed with Parkinson´s a year ago, and her mother was diagnosed with the same disease when Macy was 12. Her father died and she´s her mother´s support, but when Macy was offered the chance to go to Australia her mother demanded Macy to go.

Maci is nervous about her trip to Australia, and she´s been having weird dreams about it:

"In one, I was dating a kangaroo that sounded like Chris Hemsworth."

Her arrive at the australian airport makes you laugh hard.

"...one of them who seriously looked like Russell Crowe. If Russell Crowe was fat. And older. And a woman."

At the airport she run into Raph Jones, a "celebrity" in Australia. Why the quotes? Well, he´s not really a celebrity. His sister married a prince from a obscure country at Europe. But he became know and has been stalked, so the royal family sent him a bodyguard (A S.O.B.).

Macy and Raph connected in some level.

When she´s at the UNI ( college ) she discovers Raph is a student there is well. And she meets Heather and Brendon.
Heather becomes her friend, and Brendon who is a really sweet and caring guy, knows right away her problems, because his aunt suffer from Lou-Gehrig disease and he recognise the simptons. Brendon is the only one who knows about her condition.

And that put a struggle in her relationship with Raph, who thinks she´s with Brendon.

The media circus around Raph doesn´t help. They insinuate things about their relationship. That they´re a love triangle. 

The royal family try to bribe Macy so she can leave Raph alone. And she tell them to fuck off. Well done Macy.

But her biggest problem with Raph is herself. She´s full of self-doubt because of her condition. 

And Raph has to take matter in hands. Has to make her understand that his love for her is unconditional