terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2015

The Virgin Romance Novelist - Meghan Quinn

Rosie is a writer, or at least she want to be. She lives with her roommates Henry and Delaney since college and she is virgin. When she tries to break the seal, she fall in the twilight zone with hilarious setups. 

When she goes to wax her lady parts:

1- "Hold on,” Marta said, as she placed a strip on my skin. There were bars on the side of the table that my hands went instinctively to, wondering what the hell was going to happen next. “Three, two, one…”
Heavy black spots appeared in my vision as pain ricocheted over my skin. 
“My clit, you tore my clit off,” I screamed, as my hands went to my crotch, but were quickly swatted away by Marta, who set down another wax strip and then ripped it off in a matter of seconds. 
My head flew back and I begged for her to stop, but the she-devil herself didn’t listen as she continued to rip hair after hair right out of me

2- “I’m bleeding, I know I am. Just tell me. Am I bleeding? Sometimes I have a hard time clotting, does it look like that?”

“You’re fine,” Marta said, matter-of-factly, as she placed a strip right over my vagina. “Three…”

“No, Marta, please, leave Virginia alone.”


“Marta, I thought we were friends. Leave the vagina alone.”


“I’ll do anything you want,” desperation laced my voice. “Just don’t…”


“Captain Cunt Ripper,” I screamed, as tears fell from my eyes. “You’re a cunt ripper,” I said, startling myself with the menacing tone in my voice. I looked up at Marta to apologize, but the she-devil just laughed. She laughed at me!

She was a barbarian

It had situations like blowjob in banana classes, fart in the face during oral sex, people who "made out" with dogs, a candy cane cock, throwing up all over some penis. You have to read to understand

This book was completely hilarious, I laughed my ass off and laughed out loud and I think i also peed on my pants a little. And when I conjure up some scenes in my mind I just couldn't stop laughing.

About the romance part, Henry was really sweet and thoughtful, but he let me down hard, with all the bullshit with Tara. It make all the sweet go away in a second.