domingo, 3 de junho de 2018

The Choices I've Made (By The Bay #1) by J.L. Berg

I was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review


I swore I’d never go home again.

With nothing more than a few boxes and a beat up truck, I left behind my old life at the tender age of eighteen to pursue my medical career.

And I never looked back.

Twelve years later, I find myself traveling back to the sandy shores of that North Carolina town where my late father has left me his medical practice. Coming here means facing my past… My memories… And her — Molly McIntyre.

Growing up, Molly had been my entire world, first as a childhood friend and then so much more. We’d made promises to each other back then. Promises I broke when I walked away. And now that I’m back? Well, let’s just say she’s not exactly the head of my welcoming committee. But even she can’t deny the undeniable spark that still burns so brightly between us and soon, we’re tumbling fast and hard into the past.

But I need to keep my eyes set to the future, because mine isn’t here in this dead end town. Not anymore.

All Molly has ever known is here, on this small island. Could I really ask her to give it all up? For me? If I walk away again, will she follow?


I love books where the characters fell in love during childhood, Is so pure, the way children loves.

I do prefer when they stick together, but I know that sometimes they need to be apart so they can grow to be the person they are meant to be.

I like very much that Jake had to prove himself to be redeemed before Molly´s eyes, because if not, it would be a disappointment.

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