domingo, 17 de junho de 2018

#Moonstruck (#Lovestruck #2) by Sariah Wilson

I was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review.


Over one million “likes”—but only one of them matters.
After pop star Ryan De Luna praises Maisy Harrison’s YouTube cover of his classic hit, he offers Maisy and her fledgling band the opportunity of a lifetime: to be his opening act.
Music may be Maisy’s life, but she has one ground rule: never date a musician. That goes double for a heartbreaker like Ryan. If only she didn’t feel so vulnerable to his larger-than-life charm. And maybe now more than ever, when he asks for her help to shake off his playboy image. How can she resist playing the part of his fake girlfriend for the duration of the tour?
Ryan’s never met anyone like Maisy. She sees past all the star-studded fame and treats him like any other guy. And the more time they spend together, the more he finds himself falling for her. Now he’d like to make their imaginary fling an IRL thing. But can he convince her to take a chance and trust him with her heart?
What a sweet, lovely book. I loved very much, specially Ryan. He´s the worthy swoony kind of guy.
He knew from the very start what he liked, and he went for it. It´s alwyas beautiful to see a guy who doesn´t play games and know what he wants.
I felt like the baby part was totally unnecessary and I think it was a much better solution for the baby father to be Diego rather than Ryan´s father.
But, take this out of the way, and I loved this book very much.
Thanks for the opportunity.
Que livro lindo e doce. Eu amei muito, especialmente o Ryan. 
Ele sabia desde o começo o que ele queria, e lutou por isso. É sempre bonito ver um cara que não faz joguinhos e sabe o que quer.
Eu senti que a parte do bebê era totalmente desnecessária e eu acho que uma solução muito melhor era que o pai do bebê fosse o Diego, ao invés do pai do Ryan.
Mas, tire isso do caminho, e eu adorei muito este livro.
Obrigado pela oportunidade.

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