quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2015

The Backup: A Montgomery University Novel - Kathryn Renard

I was given an ARC in exchange of a honest review.

This book started well enough, and sometimes it was really good, but it mostly was "meh" and in the end was downright outrageous.
Josie Savage is the daughter of a football star and when she starts in college she Runner Rarity, the backup QB and they hit it off but he has a girlfriend, a lunatic girlfriend.
My first impression of Runner was that he was nice, but I thought he will cheat on his girlfriend, who he thought bad about her all the time. How she was nicer, less blond, less mean when they´re was in highschool.
Josie left me confused about her personality, because she was a doormat to her parents, especially her father but she fought back other people.
Actually, most of this book left me confused, it was irritating and gave me whiplash.
Runner turned out being an Asshole with an capital A, and a cheater, with the "poor guy" complex. And Josie wasn´t so badass as I thought, hence she accept him and his assholery back.