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Remember to forget by Ashley Royer

I was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review.

In Remember to Forget from Watty Award-winning author Ashley Royer, Levi has refused to speak since the tragic death of his girlfriend, Delia, and can't seem to come out of his depression and hindering self-doubt. Desperate to make some positive change in Levi’s life, his mother sends him to live with his father in Maine. Though the idea of moving from Australia to America seems completely daunting, Levi passively accepts his fate, but once he lands faces personal struggles and self-doubt at the same time he and his dad battle through resentment and misunderstanding. And then, while at therapy, Levi meets Delilah, a girl who eerily reminds him of someone he lost


This book was a good surprise. You realize the author really researched about mental illnesses, and took her time to make it believeble, though it was kind of rushed form the second half on.

But, if you consider that it was written by a teenager, it was really great. I think she was really brave to write about a subject so hard, and where many has failed before her.

If you want read this book waiting for a romance, you´ll be severely disappointed. It focus on Levi his mental illness and how he cope, or not cope, with it.

It´s really worthy of your time.


Este livro foi uma boa surpresa. Você percebe que a autora realmente pesquisou sobre doenças mentais, e levou o tempo necessário para tornar o livro crível, embora tenha sido meio apressado na segunda metade.

Mas, se você considera que foi escrito por uma adolescente, foi realmente ótimo. Eu acho que ela foi realmente corajosa por escrever sobre um assunto tão difícil, e onde muitos falharam.

Se você quiser ler este livro aguardando um romance, ficará seriamente desapontado. Ele se concentra em Levi, sua doença mental e como ele lida, ou não com isso.

É realmente digno do seu tempo.

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