segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2016

She's a Sinner (A Sinner's Legacy Book 2) by Lynn Shurr

I was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review.

Tom Billodeaux, adopted son of a legendary Sinners quarterback, is making his mark as an outstanding kicker. When an opening occurs for a new punter, he is asked his opinion on the skills of Hall-of-Famer Andy Mortenson's grandchild, Alix Lindstrom. Not only is Alix a superb punter, she is also undeniably a tall, strong woman. For Tom, it's love the first time she removes her helmet, shakes out her blonde hair and gazes at him with her fjord-blue eyes.

Alix regards herself as an overly big, clunky female jock who must prove her ability to every man on the team. For years, she has adored Tom from afar. Unfortunately, she isn’t very good at flirting or making her desires known. As Tom helps her integrate with the Sinners, her feelings grow.

When Alix proves to be his equal in talent and gets roughed in a few plays, his mentoring and over-protectiveness prove his thoughts are in line with hers. But she doesn't want to be coddled. Can she establish her own identity between the goal posts while scoring touchdowns with him in private?

She´s a sinner is a sweet cute story. I loved how Tom cared for Alix. He´s a big guy, a great player and at same time he's a little unsure of himself in the sense that he fears Alix rejection, thinking he´s too red, too hairy. Is kind of sweet.
Alix is a Amazon, in a family full of tiny little girls, she was treated like a boy because of her height and weight.

I loved this story, from the plot to the characters, and I´ll certainly read the rest of the series as well as another books wrote by this author.