domingo, 6 de maio de 2018

April Fools (Wilder Irish #4) by Mari Carr

I was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review.


They say two heads are better than one.
Fiona Adams has a man problem—she has too many in her life. And thanks to her unconventional family, she’s wondering if she even has to settle for just one. Owen is the sweet boy (turned sexy man) she dated in college; Asher is the hot hunk starring in too many current fantasies. Both, unfortunately, are her coworkers, part of the writing team for the hit sitcom Wild Winters. She’s lucky her dear friend and third writing partner, Teddy, is gay, or she’d really be in trouble.
Fiona’s resigned herself to having neither man…until the team decides to film the sitcom’s season finale in her family’s bar, Pat’s Pub. While in Baltimore, under the influence of her crazy family and a wild April Fools party in the Collins Dorm, Owen and Asher take matters into their own hands—literally.
Soon, between all the hot nights and real-life drama, the team can barely concentrate on work. It’s becoming a case of life imitating sitcom…even more so when Fiona’s most recent ex, Mr. Big Gesture himself, shows up to win her back—with his biggest gesture yet.


This is my first book by Mari Carr, and I loved everything about, since the first page.
The very beginning was really endearing, Fiona and her pop pop just conquered my heart with their love.
The story itself was well written and the characters has depth.

The only thing that kind of let me down, was that I was waiting for a MFM relationship, and it didn´t happened.

But, it was nothing that made me dislike, au contraire, I loved the plot twist.
I can´t wait to read another book by this author

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