domingo, 1 de julho de 2018

Wicked Design by Tina Donahue

I was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review.


Clover wants Van Gogh. Bad. He’s the hottest ink artist at Wicked Brand and makes her blood race. Trouble is, he hasn’t noticed her. She’s determined to change that. Starting with letting him get under her skin—literally. But then the tattoo consultation goes a little deeper than expected.

In a night of wicked hot fun, she brings out his sexy beast. Talk about a major transformation. Soon they’re sneaking into the shop after hours to play with his chair and breaking in his new handcuffs. But when their differences start to arise, she’s not sure where all this hot sex will lead...


This was a nice book. But, it was full of contraditions.

First of all, Clover was raised in a nudist colony and was super duper ok with stripping her clothes in her first date, but she was super afraid to talk to Van Gogh.

And Van Gogh, could have been a sweet guy, but he was just a whiny boy, who couldn´t stop complaining about how much he was bullied by his peers as a child and as a teen.

I know some people are bullied, and it seems to be a huge problem in american culture, but his complaining just felt like too much.


Este foi um bom livro. Mas, estava cheio de contradições.

Primeiro de tudo, Clover foi criada em uma colônia de nudistas e estava super ok em tirar suas roupas em seu primeiro encontro, mas estava com muito medo de falar com Van Gogh.

E Van Gogh, poderia ter sido um cara doce, mas ele era apenas um garoto chorão, que não conseguia parar de reclamar sobre o quanto ele era intimidado por seus colegas quando criança e como adolescente.

Eu sei que algumas pessoas são vítimas de bullying, e parece ser um grande problema na cultura americana, mas suas reclamações pareceram demais.

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