sábado, 4 de junho de 2016

Hard Times

For those of you who doesn't know me outside of the virtual world I would like to explain why I have been off for so long. I have been through a lot this year, I´m getting through a financial crisis since last year, I´ve been through some health issues as well. I´ve been assaulted and I was also involved in an accident. As if this wasn´t enough Im´getting through a nasty divorce after 18 years of marriage, and after 2 months apart, The one who must not be named already have another woman. He doesn´t have money to buy food, but he has money to buy gas so he can see her. But, the worst part of all is that My kids are with him. Because I can´t afford to rent a place where we all can live together. I´m living with my mother in a small house, faraway from everything and right in the middle of a terrible neighborhood. So, that´s a little about why I was off since the beginning of the year, but I´m trying to come back little by little. I miss you all.

P.S.: I´m thinking about tatto this phrase in the day I sign the divorce papers

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