segunda-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2015

Wild Cards (Twisted #3) by R.C. Stephens

I was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review.

Dark Romance (Standalone) 

She grew up with love but tragedy took everything away from her. 

He was forced into a life that he hated and was drowning in darkness. 

They both lost hope...

They both looked for ways to numb the pain... 

To him, she was unpredictable and alluring. To her, he was a dark knight with a shady past. What happened next was unexpected. Their chance encounter was not chance anymore. As their worlds collide and their impenetrable walls are infiltrated, these two dark souls are forced to face the one thing on earth that scares them the most… Love. 

***This is a standalone novel and does not need to be read with books one and two of the Twisted Series. 

***Warning-For mature audiences only.

Wild Cards is a love story of the greatest and most epic proportions. However this love story faced many bumps in the road and in order to tell Luc and Vicky's story I needed to touch on the scene of aggravated sexual assault. I feel it is my job to advise the reader of this violent episode. This aspect does not define the whole story and the book is not about violence rather about two dark souls saving each other while finding true love.

This book it was a big let down for me. Since the very beginning. I think the reason why Victoria was so troubled wasn't strong enough for her to be like that. When I first read it I thought it would be something much worst.

The relationships in the book felt forced, between Luc and Vicky and between Vicky and Nessa.